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Happy New Year!

This evening, I finished restoring my GIS of constituencies (Wahlorten). What a hectic two weeks. It would never have been possible if my daughter and son-in-law had time off from work and were able to watch our granddaughter.

I used a combination of Flur and Gemärkung boundaries available for download from the Lower Saxony Geodata Office. These took a little adjusting and I had to be careful when combining two Gemärkungen into one Wahlort.

My next task will be to check for any input mistakes on my part and to verify that all of the constituencies are represented. Then I need to clean up the banks of the Elbe, Weser and Ems, along with the North Sea coast. Time permitting, I will try to recreate the water details that I drew in my original GIS.

Lastly, I need to make sure that all of the polling place cites and town are present, as well as census places in each constituency where voters fond multiple towns vote in one location. This is all a huge relief, preparatory to returning to my spatial analysis of votes cast for the German Democratic Party 1919-1933 as part of my current Theodor Tantzen essay.

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