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I created this blog for three purposes. Firstly, I wanted to provide a blog of new materials and insights to include in my Western Civilization courses. Secondly, I wanted to provide a resource for my students, who frequently wanted to know more than I could provide in the confines of a traditional classroom lecture or an online module. Lastly, I wanted to offer my reflections on Western Civilization after a career dedicated to its study.

Sadly, in 2017, the History department decided to remove Western Civ from the Curriculum. The Provost was all ga-ga to remove "course bloat" and the department wanted to create "new" and "sexy" courses with new introductory courses so something had to go - that something being Western Civ. I taught my last Western Civ in the summer of 2019 and this blog went into abeyance.

The years 2020-2023 have witnessed an ever accelerating assault on the West and its values, convincing me that it is time to revive the project. All opinions expressed or links contained most certainly do not reflect positions held by Miami University or other Miami University faculty! 


Please enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me with your observations or suggestions

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