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Starting over

Working through all of my saved files, the only saved georeferenced shapefiles that i shapefiles have of my constituencies is incomplete. This means that I ahve to recreate EVERYTHING. It took me well north of 500 hours to accurately draw the shapes. I was mapping 1:10,00 scaleso thhat I could accurately get every field annd watercourse. Ths was perrhaps overkiut I wanted to be accuate as possible. Fortunately, as I noted in my article on creating the GIS, by the time that I had finished my work the Niedersachsen had published online a Geodata portal with many useful layers. Their 'Gemeinde" layer did me no good as the villages had passed through several consolidations since my era. They did, however, have layers for "Flur" and "Gemärkung". Using these, I am able to recreate the old constiuencie shapes although with less exactitude (1:50,000). I am maybe 1/4 of the way through. With luck, I will have sufficient time over spring breeak to comolete the task. I need it so that I can start analyzing Left Liberal voting patters.

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