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My research blog

I maintain two blogs, one to record my research and a second to express my thoughts on the history and current state of Western Civilization. You can access the later either through the website pull-down menu or by clicking on this link.

  • Writer's pictureGeorge Vascik

A week away, and works! Now to get to the spatial analysis! A preliminary look and things might not be quite what I expected, with the German Democrats early on doing less well in livestock areas than I had imagined.

  • Writer's pictureGeorge Vascik

I haven‘t worke3d on the GIS portion of my work since 2021. In the interim, my old MacBook Pro was charged out for a new one that lacked Bootcamp of Parallels - programs that I needed to access te PC side of my machine, where I kept my GIS work. I neglected to have our computer folks back these up, so I am now trying to reconstruct them from Dropbox and G-drive saved files. What a mess. Complicating everything, QGIS has advanced, changed, whatever and I am struggling to learn the new terminology, etc. Grrr.

  • Writer's pictureGeorge Vascik

I have tried multiple times in the past to maintain a research blog but those attempts were never sustained. I hope with my new WIX site to be able finally to keep track of the many threads of my work. I am working my way through how to do this, so I don't expect much at first.

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