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One problem solved

I scrolled through the votes by polling place for the problematic second election of 1924. I found that when I ordered rows by polling place numbers and look at the handful of major cities, all of their votes were recorded on a row lower than they should have been. The errant entry was the village of Blandorf, quite high on the list. When I adjusted the row one up, all of the cities lined up. Searching towards the bottom of the data base, I found an entry for Blandorf with all of the correct voting information but somehow given an Oldenburg polling place number. Problem identified and solved.

While I had the early archived list of votes results, I took the opportunity to correct another shortcoming to my Project_Master. When I created the version that I am now using, I did not include the Reichstag elections for 1898 and 1907. Those votes have now been entered and my next step will be to calculate the percentage of votes cast in each place for the competing parties. Once that is finished, I will include the several special elections held in the Imperial period (when a deputy either died or resigned). I had not added the later in earlier version as they seemed to tax the permissible columns in xls. As I have added material lately, this does not seem to be a problem. I wonder what is different? If space is available, it might be interesting to find and add results for the presidential election of 1925 or the various plebiscites that were held during the Weimar era.

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