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Data Spreadsheet finally updated; GIS working

Mid-February, ir looked like I was ready to use my data on my project on Theodor Tantzen and the German Democrats. Right On examination, I founds that some of my data was incomplete, particularly for the districts around the city of Oldenburg. I also compiled a list of all my missing results and diligently went back through the copies that i had made of polling place results. I was really assisted in this by PDFs of different Oldenburg newspapers published online by the Landesbibliothek Oldenburg (thanks!) I have described this process and some of the changes that I have made to my map and data on this site under "Current Projects".

One new matter. QGIS has been running quite slowly. I have learned that I can make it rune more smoothly if I correct the projects geometries. The checked geometries feature indicated that I had nearly 12,000 incorrect geometries. When I used the "fix" function, one error would be "fixed" while more would appear. I have begun to corrected this problem by systematically deleing individual polygons and creating new ones using a different method. What little I have been able to do, indicates that this will speed thing up considerably. I hgave also decided to experiment with new formats, i.e, SpatiaLite, PostGIS, as time permits.

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